Founded in 2013, Autonomous Cooperative Control of Emergent Systems of Systems (ACCESS) Laboratory aims to address fundamental problems in modeling, analysis, control, and improvement of complex systems. Our approach at ACCESS lab is to systematically develop tools and techniques for analysis and synthesis of complex systems.

ACCESS Lab Briefing

ACESS LAb Briefing 1-31-2019

Approaches and Applications

We formulate such complex systems as “Systems of Systems,” which are composed of a collection of (many) task-oriented components that together to create a new and more complex system which offers more functionality and performance through sharing the resources and capabilities. Relevant Research problems include “Cyber-physical systems,” “Cooperative and distributed control of multi-agent systems,” “Testing, evaluation, analysis, control, and decision making for large-scale complex systems,” “Robotic swarms,” “Reliable and fault tolerant hybrid control systems,” “Distributed optimization and decision making for coordination of multi-agent systems,” “Human-Machine Interactions,” and “Hybrid modeling and control.” We particularly focus on the applications of the developed technologies to different domains including “Smart Agriculture,” “Teaming of Autonomous Vehicles,” “Smart Transportation Systems,” “Smart Grids,” “Space Exploration,” “Security and Reliability of Complex Systems,” “Biological systems,” “Aerial Robotics,” and “Flight Control Systems.”


Highlighted News

  • Our team was awarded by NASA for a 4-year $8M ULI grant to develop safe and secure assured autonomy. Dr. Karimoddini will lead TC1 on Safe Perception, Coordination, Planning, and Navigation to develop flexible and adaptive coordination and control algorithms for Urban Air Mobility (UAM). More ... [NSASA Public Release] [NCA&T Public Release]

  • NCDOT funded our team $1M to establish a Center of Excellence in Connected Autonomous Vehicles. Read more ...

  • Our team was awarded by NSF for $1M to develop Real-time Fault Diagnosis for Self-Driving Vehicles . More ...

  • Provided and sponsored by General Motors (GM) and SAE International, NC A&T University will receive a full-scale GM autonomous car. NC A&T team, led by Dr. Karimoddini, will participate in the AutoDrive Challenge to develop an autonomous car to navigate in an urban driving course in an automated driving mode (Autonomy level 4). More ….

  • Our proposal “Data-driven Intelligent Prediction Tool (DIPT),” was awarded $5,300,000 by DoD Test Resource Management Center (TRMC). More …

  • Our proposal “Reliable and Flexible Teaming of Heterogeneous Autonomous Vehicles” was awarded $500,000 by DoD Army Research Office (ARO).

  • The ACCESS lab team was awarded for “the Best Autonomous High Altitude Landing” in the American Helicopter Society 2016 Micro Air Vehicle (MAV) challenge. [Certificate of Award]

  • Our proposal “Data Driven Techniques for Testing and Evaluation of Unmanned and Autonomous Systems” was funded $480,000 by General Informatics Inc (GI).

  • Dr. Karimoddini delivered a technical session at the 2015 AUVSI Unmanned Systems Conference in ATLANTA, GA More…

  • Dr. Karimoddini received the 2015 Rookie of the Year Award of NC A&T State University, More …

  • Our team was awarded $5 million to research testing, evaluation and control of heterogeneous large-scale systems of autonomous vehicles More…

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