Outreach activities at the ACCESS Laboratory

On Aug 2019, a group of students and teachers from rising 8th to rising 12th visited ACCESS Lab and the Autonomous CAR A3 Lab. The students came from different highschool across North Carolina and other states to participate in one week-long summer camp. The camp is called GenCyber which is a cybersecurity-related program. The GenCyber program provides free summer cybersecurity camps across the nation for students and teachers at the K-12 level.

On July 2017, ACCESS Lab organized a 2-day workshop on "Introduction to Robot Operating System and to Cloud-based Robotics," at Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute(SIPI). [Workshop Agenda] [Workshop flyer]

Guilford County Counselor Conference attendees visited the lab.

A group of sixth grade students from Mountain Island Lake Academy visited the lab.

A Robotic Workshop at the ACCESS lab.

A group of students from Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute (SIPI), a National Indian Community College, visited the ACCESS Lab and attended several traning sessions and workshops on roboticsand Robot Operating System (ROS).

A robotic workshop for the SIPI students at the ACCESS Lab.

SIPI students attended a workshop on controlling a Turtlebot robot using the Robot Operating System.

SIPI students are trying to control a UAV in a narrow corridor.